Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG

Company Policy

  • The Company Policy of KUNSTSTOFF HELMBRECHTS AG is developed, specified and updated as required by the board of directors.
  • The establishment of the company policy secures the expectations and requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction is the main objective.
  • We pursue a zero-defect-quota target.
  • Each employee, irrespective of function or task, is obligated to quality, active environmental protection and energy-saving behaviour. This is supported through the benefitting of almost all employees in the company’s success (profit sharing, bonuses etc).
  • All employees are encouraged to practice positive and constructive criticism in achieving this quality policy. Operational readiness, flexibility, intellectual and organizational creativity, as well as educational qualification and development should contribute towards the continuous improvement of our processes and products and the stabilization of our competitive position in the market through innovation.
  • Our company is committed to compliance with existing laws and decrees as well as conditional authorisations and permits.
  • We consider it our duty to contain raw materials, products and services from a perspective of resource protection, energy efficiency as well as economy. This we regard as a responsibility towards nature and the environment.
  • The environmental impact resulting from the activities of our company is continually supervised. Securing the status of low refuse, waste-water, emission and energy- efficient production is one of the most important company goals. Furthermore, we will continue to improve energy utilization and consumption.
  • Through the continual improvement of quality, environment, energy consumption, service and technology, our performance will be increased and our quality management further developed. Error avoidance has highest priority rather than error detection.
  • Kunststoff Helmbrechts promotes the quality, environmental and energy awareness of the employees.
  • The strategic and operative company goals are determined, implemented and checked. For this, the requisite resources are made available. Likewise, measures taken to achieve goals are communicated to all employees, documented and, where necessary, updated.
  • Within the frame of our capabilities, and taking into consideration the commercial success of our company, we commit ourselves to the innovative implementation of environmental-friendly and energy-efficient technology.
  • We always strive to assume a pioneering role in our market segment. Investments are transacted on the basis of a lasting and sound development of the company. We intend to remain independent, continually expanding and, for all that, flexible.