Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG

Why Kaizen?

  • Securing of work places and location
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Securing of our future
  • Endurance of international price wars
  • Through the implementation of Kaizen, good companies then become "TOP OF THE CLASS companies"


 What can I improve?

  • Use of flowracks
  • Optimal arrangement of workplaces
  • Minimisation of machine standstill times through:
  • Employment of Poka Yoke (confusion security) as often as possible
  • Keeping and maintaining of check lists
  • Thorough cleaning (cleaning is checking)
  • Standardisation wherever possible
  • Prevention or minimisation of reject
  • Minimisation of search and enquiry times
  • Not producing more than ist required also means:
  • Minimisation of storage area
  • Labelling of defects and potential improvements (Sticker: "I need action!")
  • Prevention of waste


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